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Anchoring the Fremont Street Experience, the Plaza is woven into the fabric of retro and new Las Vegas. From the bright, running neon bulbs to friendly dealers to sexy showgirls, the traditional Vegas experience is still alive and well in downtown Las Vegas. Now it's fully complimented by a dynamic renovation that blends comfort, convenience and accessibility.


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Our Las Vegas Packages include Shows / Show Tickets, Gaming, and Dining / Buffets for an all inclusive hotel / entertainment / meals package starting at only $99

  • Timeshare Tour Qualifications for the FREE Las Vegas Hotel Stay Promotion:

    1. For married or co-habitating couples - both of you must attend the presentation, and you must bring Drivers Licenses or Valid Photo ID with matching addresses or provide other proof that you live together.
    2. Combined annual income for couples must be at least $50,000. Single females must earn $40,000 or more yearly. Guests must be currently employed or legally retired.
    3. Couples must be at least 25 - 74 years of age (at least one of you), and 30 - 65 years of age if a single female.
    4. Single Males: must be co-habitating. Same qualifications as for couples.
    5. There is no obligation to purchase anything but you must show a major credit card or checkbook (in one or both names) with a Valid Photo ID before touring (it's just to show you are able to purchase if you are interested).
    6. Groups / Multiple Couples: Only one promotional package / tour presentation can be made available for groups or multiple couples or multiple single females vacationing together.
    7. This promotional package / tour presentation can only be offered to english-speaking U.S.A. or Canadian citizens.
    8. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed at the tour presentation.

    Why are there certain qualifications ?

    These qualifications fit the Tour company's historical demographics. The Hotel stay and entertainment Gifts are valuable and costly, so it just makes sense to at least have qualified buyers for the presentation.

    These particular qualifications are established by the Tour company, not by CLI Vacations

  • Package prices are for 2 to 4 people depending on the hotel choice.
  • The packages below INCLUDE Entertainment packages at NO EXTRA COST. Get Buffet Dinners, Show Tickets, Gaming and more !
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